The Hastings District, North Island, New Zealand

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The Hastings District, North Island, New Zealand is a district comprised of three larger city centers including Hastings, Havelock North, and Flaxmere, as well as 38 rural settlements including Haumoana, Clive, and Bridge Pā in the northern Hawke’s Bay region. The combined population of the entire district is 75,100 people. Over one fifth of the population is of Maori descent and the remainder of the population include people of European, Asian and Pacific Island descents.

The Hastings District is a fruit producing region and has come to be known as the “Fruit bowl” of New Zealand. Much of the Hastings District is flat with expansive apple and stone fruit orchards, as well as an abundance of red wine vineyards. Businesses associated to agriculture, including food processing, rural finance and freight, contribute jobs to the surrounding area. The Hastings District has a deep-rooted history in Maori culture. The first people to settle the area and begin farming were the Maori people, the indigenous people of New Zealand. Ever since this time, the area has been vital to New Zealand’s fruit production. Napier, a city to the North (outside the District), still resides as a major exporting port.

Hastings/Napier labeled on the east side of the North Island

Hastings/Napier labeled on the east side of the North Island

Home/The Town/La Casa/El Pueblo

"Pumpkin picking season at Te Koha." "La cosecha de las calabazas en Te Koha." by/por Erin Simpson 2009.


This one is of myself and visitors all dressed up for an evening out on an Art Deco celebration. Hawke's Bay has a very unique collection of Art Deco Architecture as a result of the 1931 Earthquake." by/por Penny Isherwood 2009.


by/por Anne Buckner

"My flower arch in full bloom in the summer." "Mi acro de las flores en el verano." by/por Anne Buckner 2010.

by/por Mahana

by/por Mahana

"The two above are of my Marae." "Las dos antes son de mi Marae." by/por Mahana Christy 2010.

Family/La Familia


"Ben and Richard, my sons, in Autumn at Te Koha." "Ben y Richard, mis hijos, en el otoño en Te Koha." Erin Simpson 2008.

"Alfie, the little scamp." "Alfie, mi perrito." by/por Anne Buckner 2010.

"My daughter Clare and my grandchildren in Taupo, Richard, Ben and Chris." "Mi hija Clare y nietos, Richard, Ben y Chris en Taupo." by/por Anne Buckner 2011.

"My brother." "Mi hermano." by/por Mahana 2011.

"My very best photos, are of three of my six lovely grandchildren while we were on a holiday together last year in the Waihi/Hot Water Beach." "Las mejores son de los tres de mis seis nietos en vacaiones en el Waihi/La Playa de Agua Caliente." by/por Penny Isherwood 2010.

"My daughters Willow and Phoebe with their willow branch fishing rods." "Mis hijas Willow y Phoebe con sus cañas de pescar." by/por Jen 2011.

"Our piglet, Copper!" "Nuesto cerdito, Cobre!" by/por Jen 2011.


"My daughter and grandchildren at Craters of the Moon near Taupo." "My hija y nietos en Cráteres de la Luna cera de Taupo." by/por Anne Buckner 2011.

"I wanted Ben to be in the photo as well but right before I took the picture, Clare told Ben he could lead and he zoomed away." "Yo queria Ben a estar en la foto pero antes de tomé la foto, Clare le dijó que Ben podria ir primero y Ben me pasó." by/por Anne Buckner 2011.

"Sheep stalking. You don't get more Kiwi than that!" "Siguiendo las ovejas. No puede ser más "Kiwi" que eso!" by/por Mahana Christy 2011.

"Maybe you can get a little more Kiwi; sheep wrestling." "Quizás puede ser un poco más "Kiwi"; luchando las ovejas." Mahana Christy 2011.

"Quality time in the bush." ""Tiempo de calidad en el bosque." by/por Mahana Christy 2011.

"Willow learning to fly-cast." "Willow aprendiendo a pescar con mosca." by/por Jen 2011.

"My son Francis and me-a picnic by the river." "Mi hijo Francis y yo-un picnic a lado del río." by/por Jen 2011.

"The first catch of the day." "La primera captura del día." by/por Jen 2011.

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